Okay, this is my very first makeup review! So exciting! So recently I took a trip to my local drugstore which was CVS! Yay! I bought a few things, so first off Eye shadow. I am in love with Color Tattoos Metal by Maybelline! I bought both Barely Branded and Inked in Pink. I found both of these eye shadows to be fabulous! For the Barely Branded it is a Champagne color with a touch of glitter to it. Metallic looking. Great pigment to it. I really liked this eye shadow because it was so neutral yet it could still be noticeable.

 My next eye shadow that i bought was also the Color Tattoo Metal made by Maybelline. The name of this eye shadow was Inked in Pink. This was a beautiful pink that was also Metallic. Neither of these eye shadows creased which was great! I found that this looks very cute with little in your inner eye and/or under your bottom lash line.

My first time using liquid liner and it was great! This liner by Milani was brilliant! The line was super thin and was just what I was looking for. After looking up plenty YouTube videos of how to apply liquid eyeliner i found the key is to KEEP A STEADY HAND BY HAVING YOU ELBOW REST ON SOMETHING STURDY AND RESTING YOUR HAND UPON YOUR CHEEK. I applied this to my upper lash line and the line came out as best as i could possibly wish for!
 My last product that i bought was some lipstick. Color Whisper by Maybelline. One Size Fits Pearl. This lipstick is a cute color but its alone the lines of pink and neutral. If your going for a bright color of lipstick then this is not your choice but if your going for a light shimmer then this is it! When applied it has a smooth silky feel to it which is nice and it doesn't have the uncomfortable feel to it!