What You Need:

  • Buttoned-Up Shirt
  • Bobby Pins
  • Colored Dye. I used the Rit Liquid Dye, i find it easier than the powder.
  • Salt (It aids to the dyeing, and keeps the color sustained.)
  • Ruler
  • Bucket(Or something large enough to dip your shirt in! Example: A Pot)
  • Gloves (optional but preferred if you don't want color hands.)


1. On your button up, measure out an inch to 2 inches increments. (roughly) Place a bobby pin at each increment on both sides of the shirt. This way you'll know how far to dip.
2. Boil water, and when it's done pour into bucket. (Amount of water depends how much dye you are using.)
3. Add the dye. On the back should say the amount to use.
4. Also add a teaspoon of salt into bucket.
Now your ready to start dyeing! :)

1st dip hold shirt under the dyed water for 30 seconds.
bring up and prep for 2nd dip
2nd dip submerge to the 2nd bobby pin and hold for about 1 minute.
Bring up and prepare for 3rd dip.
3rd dip submerge the shirt to the 3rd bobby pin and hold for 5 minutes.
Bring up.
4th dip submerge shirt up to the 4th bobby pin and hold for 5 minutes. bring up.
Last dip.
Submerge to the 5th bobby pin and hold for the last 5 minutes.
Bring up and give it a good ring. 
You don't want it dripping all over so this step is important.

Looking good!
Hang on a coat hanger for at least a day to fully dry. Or until you feel its dry enough! Then toss into a cold water wash (by it's self) and run it through. Hang again and let dry.

Final Product!

If you need more specific directions refer to cottonandcurls.blogspot
She has a great blog and she really explains well on how to's!
Enjoy! :)